We have just received the payment of a £5,000 Innovate UK voucher

innovate uk logo

As we communicated in our Annual General Meeting, we had requested a £5,000 Innovate UK voucher. Now we can share with you that we have been awarded with this grant and in fact, we have just seen that the money is in the bank (!!!)

It’s not a big amount of money, but enough to cover the next development that we are going to release: the visualization of our interest graph compared with the average user of TheGoodData based on or browsing data. Here is a screenshot of how it looks like:

thegooddata screenshot interest view

First step towards data ownership is about awareness. Only if we are aware of the data that we create we can control it and eventually trade with it in case we want to. This is the goal of this functionality, increase our awareness of the digital footprint that we create while browsing. It help us understand how brands, ad networks and data brokers perceive that we are. Based on a similar categorization we receive some ads instead of others.

We are now testing this new feature before opening it to our users. We want to make sure that the graphs are relevant enough and that the servers can deal with the data volume. As soon as we release it we will communicate it to you.

Once we do it, we will concentrate our efforts on the next developments agreed in the AGM:

  1. Letting users choose the cause to support with the value of their data. In order to do this we will need to redesign some views and probably look for an alternative nonprofit partner (currently Zidisha)
  2. Exporting the extension to Firefox

Our resources are very limited, so it will take some time to develop those two things, so any probono support is welcome. If you want to collaborate and have some knowledge on web design, Javascript or PHP (Yii) please contact us at marcos at thegooddata dot org