It’s All About Communication

One month after launching TheGoodData, we decided to run a survey in order to gather the first impressions of users and non users.

TheGoodData is an open and collaborative venture. Collaboration starts by getting to know our market and being responsive to it. Openness implies sharing what we learned with you through this post.

We focused the survey on finding ways to improve our service proposition and the end-to-end user experience. Given the small size of the sample (61 respondents), results are not statistically conclusive, but are good enough to identify some general insights. Detailed results can be found here.

The most relevant insight for us is that we need to improve our communication. 27% of those that read about us didn’t try the service because they didn’t understand well enough what it was about. 28% of those who tried the service have also identified service description as our most important area of improvement.

first impressions

Launching a disruptive service is always challenging. You cannot simply say that we are the “Uber of X” or the “Tinder of Y.” There is no simple way to explain something that is completely novel. However we have to do it. We will only be successful if we get volume, and volume will only arrive if people understand and like the service. It is not just about liking the service — the challenge is in making our proposition understandable.

The second insight has been about why people liked our service. Surprisingly privacy scores third in the list. Most people value our social focus more than the privacy benefits of the service. This is very important for us in order to better identify our target market and the benefits we have to stress.


Thirdly, we asked for improvement areas and we received plenty of suggestions as to how to make our service better: block ads, open data for research, visualize our digital self, make the service more engaging were some of the ideas with the highest rating. We will take those suggestions into account when prioritizing our pipeline. We also received quite a few additional insights in our open answer: building a Firefox extension or a proper “about us” page in order to build trust are very valuable ones.

improvement areas

There were some other insights about perception and importance of privacy for our users, but we will talk about it in a separate post.

Now it is time to be responsive to your feedback. In the coming days we will share with you a list of actions identified in order to improve our weaknesses and make TheGoodData grow.

In the meantime you are welcome to share your thoughts and ideas here through a comment, or directly by email at

Thanks so much for your collaboration!


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